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With fire in our soul we guard the gates of hell. We are the Guardians Of Hell, We will not Vanish, We will not Die! We are the undead! Creatures of the underworld. Never seen before, never touched before. We recruit only the loyal, strongest, and best players. As a Guard Of Hell it's your job to make sure nothing goes out of the misterious world called hell. We will gain power, we will grow stronger, we will do our best to be Your Number One clan. When you join this fellowship you will get a special rank chosen by the Lords. We Do focus on Playing Skills, but even more on attitude. So, if you think you can become a guardian of Hell, do not longer wait and join our Forces!


Sentence of the day:

''Rules are here to keep order in things, therefor, take a look at the Clan Rules page''. It can be found here