The Clan Rules


Its not that you have to life after these rules.. But you should know them and respect them. They are a part of our clan and you should take some time reading it



- You must always wear the GoH clan tag. That means you cant wear any other tags while being in GoH.
- Recruits cannot wear the tag until they are a full member, they will be standing on the clan list, but without tag.
- Once you left GoH or got removed you cannot re-apply. No exeptions will be made!
- Always ally other clan members and recruits.
- Show loyality and Respect to the clan and fellow clan members.
- As a member of GoH I expect you to act mature.

These were the main basic rules. Now some less basic rules,

- Always listen to what the clan admins have to say (Dont worry, we never talk)
- Dont act childish in the lobby, (that can only be done on our forums)
- Never argue with anybody in the lobby (Only do this on the PopRe Forums, a perfect place if you want to get ridd of some agression)


More rules will be posted when I feel for it.